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Floor Stripping and Waxing

If you are looking for a cleaning company that offers floor stripping and waxing services, we invite you to pick up the phone and contact Emerald Janitorial Services LLC. As expert floor-care professionals, we don’t just eliminate stains from surfaces. More than that, we extend the lifespan of your floors—and we do so for a great rate.

Improve the appearance, safety, and longevity of your facilities with our help. Call (207) 530-8890 to learn more.

First Choice for Floor Waxing

The ground beneath your feet might be durable, but that does not mean it is invincible. Over time, the daily activity in an office, bank, home, or warehouse can transform a shiny floor into a scuffed and unsightly surface. In times such as those, there is only one team to call—and that’s us.

Our floor waxing and stripping services do more than simply lift away the black marks and grime from the floors in your facility. There are countless benefits to our floor stripping and waxing services, some of which include:

  • Moisture elimination
  • Scratch protection
  • Dust removal
  • And more

Impress Visitors with Waxed Floors

Whether you’re concerned about the stains on your floor or the integrity of your tiles, we will surely impress you and countless visitors and patrons that step through your doors. First impressions matter in this day and age. And with our team on the job, you can feel confident that your floors will look great day in and day out.  

Work with the Best

It never takes long for the floors in a facility to start showing signs of wear and tear. Our floor waxing company eliminates the blemishes and imperfections in little time at all. All you have to do? Simply contact us at your convenience. You’re sure to be amazed at the transformation of your floors.

Save Big with Floor Stripping

Floor stripping and waxing services don’t just improve the appearance of your floor. Our services also protect your floors from the problems that can lead to premature floor replacements.

When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing your floor will last as long as intended. We will add a new protective finish, remove the stains that can lead to future issues, and more.

Fair Prices for You

When it comes to our floor waxing services, you don’t just save money in the long run. Our rates ensure you’ll save money up-front, as well. We price our services competitively, ensuring the individuals and businesses in the community can reap all the benefits we offer.

Call the Floor Cleaners Today

When the floors in your facility have begun to look a little lifeless, there is only one way to revive them. Floor stripping and waxing revitalizes even the most stained and scuffed floors. When you see how we take charge, it will be easy to see why.

Let us restore your floors to their former glory. For all your commercial cleaning needs, contact us at (207) 530-8890.

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